How to Manually Remove the Ukash Virus

The Ukash Virus is a newly created ransom-ware which has managed to infect a good number of computers worldwide. It incorporates versions such as Metropolitan Police Ukash virus, FBI Moneypak virus and Canadian Security Intelligence Service Virus (CSIS Ukash Virus). The logo of national police scares the user into believing that they have viewed pornographic material and violated copyright laws.

When your computer is infected with this type of ransom-ware, computers are held hostage by a full screen warning message that alleges the PC owner of similar illegal computer activity One thing to remember is that if you get any such sort of a warning, you should immediately understand that your computer has been infected with malware.

Even if the user attempts to manually shut down the computer, they will be faced with the same warning display. The warning message demands that a fine of $100 is paid right away or the user will face additional monetary fines as well as criminal charges. Fines are payable through a Ukash pre-paid card. Be mindful to not fall into the trap of the creator of the virus who uses the pretext of police to traumatize their victims.

Needless to say, it is vital to get rid of the virus as soon as it enters. At isupport365, we recommend the manual method of removal because of its effectiveness. Of course, our technicians are well qualified to assist you during the manual process.

Here are the steps:

Manual Removal

  • Stop the following Ukash Virus processes:

    • %WINDIR%\system32\0_0u_l.exe

    • %TEMP%\wpbt0.dll

  • Remove the following files from your system:

    • %Temp%\[random].exe

    • %StartupFolder%\ctfmon.lnk

    • %WINDIR%\system32\0_0u_l.exe

    • %TEMP%\wpbt0.dll

isupport365 highly recommends professional help when removing the virus. Contact one of our technicians to help you with through the Ukash removal process thoroughly and effectively.

Getting to understand Spyware/and Adware

The internet today is so infested by Spyware and adware that most computers without adequate virus protection suffer constant attack whenever such computers are connected to the internet. Computers infected with these malicious programs constantly become slower, experience unending periodic pop-up windows on the screen urging the user to buy stuff like adware/spyware removal software and many adverts.

What is a spyware?

A spyware is software that installs itself in a user’s computer allowing the user’s information to be collected secretly and made available to a third party. In simply terms, a spyware refers to all varieties of malicious programs or software. Such information includes passwords, bank account information, credit card etc.

In most cases, the spyware gets into the user’s computer through websites, shareware and freeware that users download or installs. The spyware/adware are often incorporated in legitimate programs that users install in their computers and thus are unintentionally subscribing to these annoying stuff. In fact, some of these spyware are marketed as anti-spyware/malware/adware and thus users easily download and run them only to realize later when the effects start showing out! The developer of these malicious software use social engineering to entice unsuspecting users to download the programs.

What is to be accomplished by the spyware/adware 

Spyware/Adware developers are very scheming and cheeky. Their main reason of developing these stuffs is to get information regarding computer users. Spywares are capable of tracking your personal and confidential information including credit card numbers, bank details and passwords that users enter into different forms on web pages. This is made possible by use of keystroke loggers that installs with the spyware. The information obtained is relayed to a third party server or database and may be used criminally. For example, these developers may transfer funds from your bank account through online money transfers. Get isupport365 virus removal to protect enhance your security.

However, sometimes the spyware developers do not intend to misuse the information tracked. Some of them who are marketers develop the spyware to help them track how users browse the internet, the websites they visit and use these information for advertising purposes. The annoying part of this is that the adverts are unsolicited!

Ironically, some software that supports adverts has these ads incorporated in its own program! Users are to choose the programs with these ads otherwise they are to completely uninstall the programs. While these programs have no malicious intent, users are subjected to a situation where you either choose the program with the adverts or loose these honest programs!